First Steps

1. Unlock Collections and get your first talismans

2. Try to unlock more minion slots by crafting unique minions (and upgrading them to t4 or t5). Also don't forget the community center minion slot upgrades.

3. Place down some Redstone Minions to increase your talisman bag

4. Get an Aspect of the End and either Ender Armor or Glacite Armor

5. Collect at least 50% of the fairy souls, preferrably all of them

6. Make sure you have most of the talismans in the first 1-2 categories of my talisman guide and select a power from Maxwell (opposite of the alchemist in the hub)

7. Grind Combat level 16 and buy a dragon armor (I would recommend young dragon, unstable dragon or strong dragon at first, wise dragon is also useful but not for melee damage)

8. Grind Combat level 18 and buy an Aspect of the Dragons

9. Get your skill average up to 20 and start saving up some money

10. Now you can start doing dungeons if you want to, or just continue grinding

For more information on how to progress go to Progression Guides.

If you still have lots of questions or need help consider joining my Skyblock Discord