Crystal Hollows Patch

1. What changed?

A whole lot!

I'm gonna leave out the minor bug fixes and just mention the relevant balancing changes, starting with:

  • The gemstone NPC sell price has been halfed

  • Removing Gemstones from items now costs money, depending on the rarity of the gem

  • Gemstone slots and applied gems now show up underneath the item stats

  • Changed gemstone slots

Some items got a new gemstone slot, some items gemstone slots were changed or removed.

  • New items can have locked gemstone slots

Some gemstone slots need to be unlocked now, which costs coins and gemstones. However this only applies to new items, already existent items will have all gemstone slots unlocked.

  • Gemstone mixture now takes less sludge juice and more gems

Doubled the amount of gems for gemstone mixture, but nerfed the sludge juice cost from 500 to 320.

  • Better Nucleus Chest rewards

Nucleus chests now give hotm exp, more gems, and have a higher chance of containing rare items like Jaderalds or even Divans Alloy.

  • Theres a new rarity now

The Divine rarity replaces Supreme on high value items, it offers better reforge stats (Supreme had the same stats as Mythic).

  • Pristine and Compact can go onto the same item now

  • Buffed the stat boost from amethyst, sapphire and ruby gemstones

  • You can toggle hotm perks now

2. How does that impact the game?

  • Sludge Juice is dead now

With the main use of sludge juice, gemstone mixtures, needing less the prices will sink even further.

  • Gemstone Prices are gonna... well

Something is gonna happen to gem prices, but I can't say what exactly. The Addition of new slots will have an impact on the market, as well as the remove cost, the increased demand for gems, the halfed NPC sell price... Who knows what's gonna happen?

  • Apply gemstones

If you plan to add Gemstones to any item keep in mind that the slots are still free now but won't be later. Most of the slots will cost more than 500k up to 10 or 20m. Before you buy an item pay attention if the slots are locked or not (unlocked is a slightly lighter grey). For more details refer to the Gemstone Guide.

  • Jaded Superior is worthless

The gemstone slots that probably are gonna lead to the biggest change are the topaz slots. A lot of items that previously had a universal slot now have a combat slot or offensive/defensive slot. That includes Superior Dragon Armor, which means it's no longer good for mining gemstones and everyone who put the Jaded reforge on it wasted his money. However, Sorrow Armor now has a universal slot, making it the new best mid to late game gemstone mining set. That also means the price is gonna skyrocket. So if you want to buy it, hurry up or wait a long time. Also Ghost farming will be more profitable for a while.

as always I skipped the changes that only affect the absolute top of the playerbase, like the Scatha Pet Perk changes