Skill Guides

These Skill Guides are supposed to give you an understanding of how each skill works and what might be a good strategy to level the skill. They do not necessarily represent all of the options you have and might not contain the most optimal strategy.

  • Farming

Find out all about Jacob's Contest, island-wide farms and how to upgrade your farming tools here.

  • Mining

Mining is a skill that many find boring and tedious to level up, but it's actually a skill you can level up fairly quickly and it can make you some money as well. It's also one of the skills with the most complex systems attached to it.

Learn all about mining here.

  • Foraging

Foraging is a skill where optimizing your xp gains is really important, trust me on this one.

Find out how to minimize your suffering here.

  • Fishing

Fishing is not as bad as Foraging, mainly because there's a lot more depth to it and its gear progression. Also some people can get 50m coins from spooky fishing 3 hours.

If you wanna find out how that works, click here.

  • Easy Skills (Taming, Enchanting, Alchemy)

These skills are something you kinda level up on your way, or at least can be maxed with barely any time investment (Alchemy).

Learn how to speed up the process here.