Damage Guide

This list includes all upgrades worth buying. If you earn money fast, feel free to skip any number of steps. Also keep in mind that this is a melee damage guide. This is not a mage damage guide, as mage is a class mainly played inside of dungeons, rather than outside. I'm also not going to include juju, because you can't use that on every mob and you'll probably need a proper melee weapon for slayers for example. Just know that even if you're playing Berserk a juju-bow is worth considering.

I checked the prices right after Paul was Mayor, some of the dungeon-related prices could be a bit too low.

Progression of weapons, armor sets and pets below, read Gemstone Guide and Talisman Guide for other ways to boost your damage.


(damage numbers do not represent how much damage you will deal with the weapon, but rather serve as a comparison between the weapons. I use blank versions of the weapons, without any upgrades, no pets and no armor. I don't remove my accessories, so that's why the damage may be higher than what you deal with it.)

The Undead Sword is a classic and for a reason. You can buy it from the Weaponsmith NPC and it is a very good first sword, almost letting you onetap zombies on a brand new profile consistently. The +100% damage bonus on undeads is just perfect, since almost every mob in very early game combat areas like the Graveyard and the Deep Caverns is an undead.

Cost: 100 coins

Damage: 5,900

2. Silver Fang

I'd say you could skip this one, because you will most likely not take long to get enough coins for the next weapon in line, but it's your choice.

Cost: 10k

Damage: 8,800

3. Aspect of the End/Raiders Axe

If you want to do more damage get a Raider Axe, as it's damage stats are better than that of an Aspect of the End (Aote). At least if you kill enough stuff with it and your wood collection is high enough.

If you're willing to sacrifice a bit of damage I would strongly recommend getting an Aote instead, as you will need one sooner or later anyways. It is a very useful sword that lets you teleport by using mana.

Cost (Raider Axe): 130k from Viking Shop

Damage (Raider Axe): 11-12k with maxed kills (estimation)

Cost (Aote): 190k

Damage (Aote): 10.7k

4. Aspect of the Dragons/Flower of Truth

The Aspect of the Dragons is the cheapest weapon thats good enough for dungeons. Its a pretty good damage upgrade over Aote/Raider Axe. It's ability is decent, can be used for a bit of area damage and knockback.

Now the Flower of Truth is probably my favorite weapon in all of skyblock. It can be used from f1 all the way up to f6 or even f7 as a clearing weapon for Berserks. That's because of it's super useful ability: It hits 3 mobs and deals your melee damage, with a 1 second cooldown. If you put ultimate wise V on it, the ability only costs 5% of your max mana, meaning you can use it at least 20 times back to back. It also works really well with a baby yeti pet because it gives a ton of strength.

Cost (Aspect of the Dragons): 580k

Damage (Aspect of the Dragons): 24k

Cost (Flower of Truth): 3m

Damage (Flower of Truth): 23k

5. Livid Dagger

Livid Dagger is all about DPS, and additionally a great weapon for everyone that doesn't wanna optimize their stats. It gives 100% crit chance and 100% attack speed, and also you deal double damage when hitting an enemy in the back.

Cost: 7m

Damage: tbd

6. A One For All (ofa) weapon

One For All is a prime example of bad game design: It increases the damage on every single weapon by a significant amount while removing every other enchant and by that every bit of variety. With the recent nerf to one for all it will still deal higher damage than enchanted weapons, especially at lower combat levels. Ultimately it will get outclassed by combat 60 with high tier enchants tho.

Popular choices for (relatively) cheap one for all weapons are:

Ofa Livid Dagger

Ofa Reaper Scythe

Ofa Shadow Fury

Cost: 16m-32m

7. Ofa Giant's Sword / Ofa Emerald Blade

These two ofa weapons deserve their own category, as they are the weapons with the absolute highest damage per hit in the game. If you have more than 500m coins in your purse, the ofa em blade surpasses the Giant's Sword in damage, but only outside of dungeons.

Cost (Ofa Giant's Sword): 170m

Cost (Ofa Emerald Blade): 12m (+500m purse)

Damage: (Can't damage test, I don't have enough money for ofa giants rn and not enough money in purse for ofa em blade to be good) Estimation: 250k

8. Ofa Giant's Sword + Axe of the Shredded (AOTS)

While sword swapping was patched a while ago, it still works for weapons like the Axe of the Shredded and the Flower of Truth. To gs (Giant's Sword) swap with an aots hold the ofa gs right before using the aots ability. Damage numbers are really hard to determine for this, as its mainly a dps strategy, not single hit.

Cost: 270m

Damage: ?

9. Valkyrie + AOTS

While this is a lot more expensive, I'm not sure if it's actually better than gs swapping. Some people say it is, some say it isn't. All I can tell you is that with gs + aots you have good single hit and good dps, while with valk + aots you have a good clearing weapon, good healing and good dps.

Cost: 860-900m

Damage: ?

10. Chimera 5 Dark Claymore / (Em Blade ?)

While the Dark Claymore may not be enough to outclass the Terminator in dungeons, in terms of high dps and single hit damage it is just straight up better than the giants sword, which itself is already really good.

The ultimate version of those weapons is tier 7 enchanted with Chimera V nowadays, bringing the price of this setup to insane heights.

Because of the Emerald Blade's nature, with enough coins in your purse this will still be better than anything else the game has to offer.

Price: several billions

Damage: ???


Rosetta is an NPC located next to the entrance to the coal mines. You can buy this from her as soon as you hit combat 3 (you probably won't need any armor before that). This is just a diamond armor with the growth I enchant on it. Alternatively you can use Lapis Armor or diamond armor and enchant it yourself, or skip this entirely.

Cost: 4k

2. Glacite Armor/Mercenary Armor (Combat 8)/Ender Armor (Combat 12)

You can buy the Mercenary armor from Rosetta as well. It has a really decent amount of Hp and Def (for early game) and has a useful set bonus as well.

Cost: 180k

While Mercenary armor is a jack of all trades, there's 2 other armor sets worth considering in this stage. One of them is the Ender armor. It's regular stats are worse than those of the Mercenary armor, but in the end all stats on it are doubled, making it a much better choice for grinding Endermen or Zealots.

Cost: 30-50k per piece, ~150k

If you like mining or spend a lot of time in the dwarven mines (grinding Ice Walkers for example) then you should definetely get Glacite Armor instead. It's stats are comparable to those of Mercenary armor, but in addition to that it gives speed, true defense and it's defense is doubled while on a mining island. It increases your mining speed as well and it should definetely be your first mining armor set. The reason I recommend getting Mercenary over this one if you don't spend time on a mining island is, that the Mercenary armors full set bonus heals you on kill, which is much more useful than the additional speed and utility on Glacite.

Cost: 10-30k per piece, ~ 60k

3. Unstable Dragon Armor/Strong Dragon Armor/Young Dragon Armor                 (Combat 16 for all of them)

After you've reached Combat 16 you should upgrade to one of the Dragon Armor sets. These will also be useful in dungeons once dungeonized and starred, keep that in mind when buying the set.

The first Dragon Armor I would recommend is Unstable Dragon Armor. It gives the third highest damage out of all the dragon armor sets. What makes it especially useful for newer players is the Crit Chance it gives.

Cost: 500-600k

If you have enough money I suggest you switch to Strong Dragon Armor. It gives a bit more damage than unstable, even more if paired with a Tarantula Helmet. This is the first armor set you should try dungeons in, don't bother with it before.

Cost: 3-4m

Young Dragon Armor definetely gives you less damage than the two other sets, but it's worth considering because of it's high speed stats. If you don't wanna buy god potions, this is the armor set to get.

Cost: 600-700k

4. 3/4 Shadow Assassin (f5 completion/Catacombs 14)

To get to Catacombs level 14 I would recommend using 5 starred Strong Dragon Armor with either a Tarantula helmet or a Bonzo Mask.

Once you have your f5 completion (probably through a carry) It's time to upgrade to the famous Shadow Assassin Armor. Get yourself some Shadow Assassin Boots, Leggings and the Helmet and use either your Strong Dragon Chestplate (for more ehp) or a legendary Zombie Knight Chestplate (for more damage, don't get a recombed one).

Cost: 6.5m (lowest price) / 10m (near maxed, dont spend extra coins to have a Recomb, Growth VI, Protection VI, that would be unnecessary)

5. Full Shadow Assassin (f5 completion)/Superior Dragon Armor (Combat 20)

You can choose between getting the Shadow Assassin Chestplate and completing your set, or you can instead go for the Superior Dragon set.

While Shadow Assassin does have higher damage capabilities, Superior Dragon has more Ehp and it also increases other nice-to-have stats, such as attack speed, magic find or intelligence.

Cost (Shadow Assassin): 35m (legendary, ancient, 5*)

Cost (Superior Dragon): 40m (ancient, 5*)

Please check the prices yourself before buying any of those 2, it could've changed.

6. 3/4 Necron (f7 completion / Catacombs 24)

This is the ultimate Armor set for any Berserk or Archer.

Get Necron's Boots, Leggings and Chestplate. For the helmet you have multiple different options:

Cheap but high damage, low ehp

Golden Necron Head is the only one that's not cheap, only viable for their respective floors but in that case they have good stats

This will give you less damage than the Tarantula Helmet, and overall worse stats than the golden boss heads on their floor, but not by a lot. Decent option everywhere, but never the best. Using the Necron's Helmet also enables the full set bonus, the Witherborn ability. It summons a little wither that damages enemies every 30 sec. Some people find that annoying, personally I like it.

By far the most expensive option, but it deals the highest damage without a doubt. However, don't use this in dungeons.

7. 3/4  Burning/Fiery/Infernal Crimson Armor

While inside of dungeons the progression ends with necron, outside of dungeons there is an armor set that far outclasses Necron Armor when maxed: Crimson Armor.

Crimson Armor can be starred up to 10 times - and each star gives a 2% stat boost. However you can also upgrade the armor through multiple tiers: Base, Hot, Burning, Fiery and Infernal, each Tier giving more stats and being able to be starred yet again, with the final tier going as high as 15 stars!

Outside of dungeons this armor's damage stats become better than Necron Armor at around 10 star hot tier/ 0 star burning tier. Needless to say a 15* Infernal Crimson Armor set blows it out of the water.


If you can manage to buy a common or uncommon Tiger pet from Oringo, definetely do that. This is probably the best pet you can get at this stage of the game. It's most important feature is the ferocity it gives. You get about 28 ferocity from a lvl 100 common Tiger, meaning you have a 28% chance to land 2 hits instead of one (= 28% chance for double damage). The uncommon one just gives a little bit more ferocity.

Cost: 10k (common), 27k (uncommon), buy from oringo ONLY

Try to get a Griffin pet while diana is mayor, it will only cost 25k and you can buy it directly from her. Really nice damage pet, boosting crit damage and it even gives you magic find (this will later be outclassed by black cat and Golden Dragon, but it's the cheapest pet that gives magic find).

Cost: 25k

The Enderman pet gives you even more crit damage, but no strength. It's cheaper though and very useful if you grind Endermen or Zealots in the End, as it's first perk reduces damage taken by end mobs. Try to get one that's not rare, because those take longer to level up while not giving any advantage over the uncommon one.

Cost: 5k

2. Rare Lion

I'd say it's not really needed to buy the Lion pet at this point, but it will help you onetap mobs you couldn't onetap before. That's because it almost doubles the effect of the First Strike enchant. It's other ability is basically free fuming potato books on your weapon, assuming you already put hot potato books on it.

Cost: 120k from oringo

3. uncommon Griffin / epic Tiger / epic Lion

On upgrade the uncommon Griffin gets a very important perk: It now gives you the strength and regeneration potion effect. If you're not using god potions already, this is extremely useful, but even if you are this can help you: These potion effects also work inside of dungeons, where the god potion is paused.

Cost: 900k-1m

The epic Tiger pet doesn't offer a bunch more stats over the uncommon one, just a bit more ferocity because of the ability. I'd say this is only worth it if you get ferocity from other sources than the tiger pet, or if you're using god potions anyways and don't care about the griffins in-dungeon potion effect.

Cost: 1m (Kat and Oringo), 1-2m (auction house)

Epic Lion is also just like it's rare version, but a bit better. I don't know how its damage compares to the other pets in this category. Try it out if you liked the rare one.

Cost: 1m (Kat), 1.1m (Oringo), 1-2m (auction house)

4. Legendary Wither Skeleton / epic or legendary Tiger / epic or legendary Lion (/ legendary Megalodon / Legendary Griffin)

The legendary Wither Skeleton is a really good damage pet, especially for the f7 boss fight. While it's ability basically adds 200 ferocity, it doesn't stack, making it less useful the more attack speed you have. It deals +66% damage per second for 3 seconds, but if you manage to hit the mob twice per second with your Tiger pet, that's already 74% more damage, assuming you only get ferocity from the tiger pet.

Cost: 3m

The additional perk of the legendary Tiger pet is not essential, but can give a nice boost to damage to bosses (like Enderdragons), because those don't have a lot of other mobs near them normally.

Cost: 16m

The legendary Lion is yet again almost the same thing as before but a bit better, and similar to the tiger the perk increases damage mostly in boss fights. I would say at this stage the Tiger pets ferocity is more useful than the First Strike/Triple Strike buff, but the + 20 weapon damage are still extremely good.

Cost: 16m

The other 2 pets are not the best damage pets at this point, but they are not bad either and they have one thing in common that was previously mentioned: both of them give +10 magic find at lvl 100. They are a nice alternative to Black Cat if you want Magic Find and damage at the same time. The Griffin also has a use for the mythological festival.

Cost (legendary Megalodon): 2.5-4m

Cost (legendary Griffin): 40m

5. Legendary Ender Dragon, Golden Dragon

The Ender Dragon Pet is the best combat pet in the game, due to it's ability that boosts your stats by a percentage. It doesn't only increase your damage but also your ehp, magic find, ferocity, attack speed and so on.

Cost: 400m (tier boosted) / 700m (true legendary)

Not only does the Golden Dragon Pet make you deal more damage than the Ender Dragon Pet, it also boosts your magic find a lot. It's especially useful when paired with Chimera V.
It's main flaw is, that it doesn't increase your ehp.

Cost: 600m (level 1, useless up until level 100) / 1.15b (level 200)



Potions can increase your damage a lot.

If you're poor, get the crit potion recipe and brew those yourself.

Otherwise drink god potions (make sure you always have a cookie active when drinking god potions, or else you will lose all of the effects when you die)


Foraging gives a strength boost and thus boosts your damage and also your def with a baby yeti pet. However this is not that big of a boost.

The damage boost that your combat level gives you is much higher, as it increases your damage by a percentage. This is in the additive weapon damage category, together with the 500% boost by one for all. For that reason one for all is better with a lower combat level. Changing the damage multiplier from 100 to 600 is more impactful than changing it from 400 to 900.

Power Orbs

The Radiant Power Orb is neat, but not really that useful.

Manaflux is a different story. It boosts your damage and lets you regen both mana and hp. Obviously it's upgrades Overflux and Plasmaflux are better at doing that, so get the highest one you can afford. Also what's probably the biggest advantage of Overflux over Manaflux is that it has double the duration, don't underestimate that.

Damage Helmets

I already mentioned it in the armor progression, but theres a bunch of helmets that boost your damage.

Tarantula Helmet is good early on up until you can get a Warden Helmet (outside of dungeons)

Warden Helmet gives you the most damage outside of dungeons

Golden Boss Heads (especially the later floor ones) boost your damage on the floor they belong to. Please - PLEASE - don't use one of those outside of dungeons. They are really not that good, unless their stats are doubled. Just get a tarantula helmet instead.

Diamond Boss Heads are just a better version of the golden boss heads, but also a lot more expensive.


For pure damage you want:


Use Jasper Gemstones on every possible slot, the highest quality you can afford.

Fairy Souls

Fairy souls mainly give hp, but they also give a bit of Strength. Get all of them.

Quick note: With half of all the Fairy souls collected you have less than 30% of the hp you get from collecting all of them

Spider and Wolf Slayer

Both Spider and Wolf Slayer can give you some Crit damage. It's not a lot though.

Pet Items

I would recommend using nothing other than xp boost items on non-lvl-100 pets, but that's up to you.

A cheap and good pet item you can put on every pet if it doesn't have a pet item and you don't wanna spend a lot, is Spooky Cupcake (On most pets this will be better than Antique Remedies).

Crochet Tiger Plushie is good if you wanna max your attack speed (you only need around 80 if you're not using a shortbow like juju).

Minos Relic is the ultimate pet item for damage, but it's not good for every pet.

Also Dwarf Turtle Shelmet is actually a pet item for damage. Why is that? Well it makes you not take knockback anymore. If you're relying on melee damage that means you can land more hits on the mob you're fighting and do more damage that way. I strongly recommend using this.

Catacombs Level

While your Catacombs obviously boosts your stats inside of dungeons, it actually does that outside of dungeons too. If you're using the Withered reforge on your weapon or the Ancient reforge on your armor each additional Catacombs Level increases your damage stats.