Weapon Smith Update

1. What changed?

The weaponsmith Project has finally been released after being on funding for about a month. It contains:

The Rosetta NPC adds new early game gear

The Jax NPC adds a new minigame that is required in order to unlock new arrows that have additional effects or do more damage than previously used arrows (Those are now be called flint arrows).

There's a new shortbow now - Good News: It costs way less than 30m

Shadow Changes (unannounced changes, may not be intentional sometimes ):

Infinite Quiver Nerf Infinite Quiver X is now 30% chance to not consume an arrow instead of 100%

2. How does that impact the game?

The Rosetta gear should help you get combat 16 earlier and get a dragon armor. You shouldn't bother with the lower armor sets, but the best of the bunch is actually decent and is at the same level of power as glacite or ender armor (outside of the end). Also skip the weapons, as they do not do enough damage or have a too high mana cost in case of the mage weapons. The new shortbow is fun to use - but it requires really high stats to do enough damage with it to oneshot 2k hp mobs. I deal 10% of my regular damage with it.

WARNING: At the time of release explosive arrows were able to kill other players. Be careful if you don't have a cookie buff running.