Now Foraging is where Skill grinding gets really painful. Ask any Player that has a foraging level of 15 or more and chances are he's gonna tell you foraging is the absolute worst. Theres 2 main reasons for that: First of all it takes a long time, second of all there's no depth to it. That's why this skill is getting an update soon. So if you plan to grind a lot of foraging - maybe waiting a bit will even be faster.

Starting out

In this stage foraging can still be kind of fun. Just get either a jungle axe, or a gold axe and a haste 3 potion and you're good to go. Keep in mind that the gold axe with haste will only instabreak logs on the park island, but not Oak logs on the main island. This is because on the park island and private island mining speed is disabled. If you want you can get a Monkey or Ocelot pet, but that's optional

Efficient Foraging

What you need to do next is get a toil Treecapitator. At this point you should get a god potion because you'll need so many potion effects: Haste, Rabbit, 20% foraging xp boost and all the speed you can get. Using full Young Dragon Armor is advisable, because it increases your speed cap by 100. Use a monkey pet or a legendary Ocelot pet. The best trees to cut down are the dark oaks in the Dark Thicket area, since they are the biggest.

Optimal Foraging

The reason foraging sucks is: You can only do one more thing now to boost your xp gain.

Get a legendary Monkey and Ocelot pet as well as 2 auto-pet rules. Now what you do is set these auto-pet rules:

Rule 1 On throw fishing hook: Equip Monkey

Rule 2 On break log: Equip Ocelot

That way you get both the treecap cooldown reduction and the foraging xp boost.

That's it. Nothing else to do except to GRIND.