Patches and Bug fixes (September - November)

November 8 - Fixing a Lot of Really Old Bugs

Lots of Bug fixes [Patch Notes]

Hound Pet is bad now, they fixed it's ability to give you double drops

Neither Spirit Boots, nor Tarantula Boots can now be used to cheat Trap Room anymore

/warpforge now requires a fast travel scroll obtained in the forge, also it's the same as any other warp now, you have to be out of combat to use it

there is a fast travel scroll for /warp ch now (Alternatives: "crystals", "hollows")

A bunch of things got added to the Bazaar: Soul string, Cheese, Worm Membrane, Arachne Keeper Fragments, all Goblin Eggs

Crystal Hollows pass now lasts longer and you will not join lobbies that are about to crash anymore

November 2 - Removing Runes Option and Bug Fixes

Small Patch [Patch Notes]

Added an option to remove applied runes at the rune pedestal, destroying the rune in the process

Fixed sets like Final Destination and Reaper Armor

Made Right-Click abilities not trigger when interacting with items

October 20 - Achievements, Dungeon Finder Settings and Recomb Scare

Small Patch [Patch Notes]

When the update first came out it said: "Recombs can now only be applied to Weapons and Armor" and at first you couldn't reforge talismans or tools anymore. But apparently that was "unintended", so a short time after that they rolled a second update to fix that. Now you can only recomb items where recombing it makes sense.

They also added new Achievements for Crystal Hollows (go to patch notes for a list) and filters for the dungeon finder.

October 13 - QOL and Fixes

Bug Fixes [Patch Notes]

pretty boring update, except if you had blacklisted items:

Removed a lot of ways to safely store blacklisted items, like item frames - rip my close button.

fixed flickering of Skyblock Menu

October 4 - Rarity based Reforging

Small Patch [Patch Notes]

When reforging your accessory bag (blacksmith or reforge stone) you can now choose which rarity to reforge. For many reforging strategies you want reforges to go only on accessories with a certain rarity (like strange). Now you don't have to take all the other accessories out of your accessory bag anymore.

Still when you want to put a reforge on talismans of 2 or more rarities you have to either take accessories out or use multiple reforge stones.

New Accessory Nether Artifact

Can be obtained in the dark auction, currently has a pretty high price of 200m

Rarity: Epic

Effect: Reduces damage from Nether Mobs by 5%


Last Stand works as intended now (gives 5% def instead of 5 def per level)

it may go up in price over the next few days

Plasmaflux has priority over Radiant Power Orb

No damage reduction stacking for talismans like Ender Artifact/Relic

September 23 - Small Patch

Super Small Patch [Patch Notes]

Added Travel Scroll to Void Sepulture and added Void Sepulture Endermen Versions to the Bestiary

Added new Auto Pet Rules:

Except if Slayer Boss is spawned

When enter [Dungeon Floor]