Item Drops

1. What changed?

You can no longer pick up drops from other players except for coop-members but at the same time Jacobs events items are now tradable

Also the Rend Ultimate enchant got fixed and you can sell some junk items to the NPC now.

2. How does that impact the game?

You can buy farming hoes from other players now (without getting scammed)

That's huge and I always hoped this change would happen, because these items not being tradable resulted in the biggest scams in the game where players lost 10m coins or more by dropping a hoe or paying half in advance.

You can't accidentally lose items to other players anymore

Should you accidentally drop an item the only way to lose it would be to let it despawn (you can also still lose items to lava or the void, a flower of truth for example).

Collections got a lot more important

A few days ago I would've still been able to help you craft some untradable items that I have the recipe for (night crystal, day crystal or personal deletor for example). Sadly with this update I can't do that anymore. To get these items you now have to unlock the recipe by yourself.

The Rend Ultimate enchant isn't broken anymore

In fact it's most likely bad on most bows again. But it was a needed update, because it allowed players to stack up damage the more they used the rend ability, dealing billions of damage in one hit at the end of a dungeon.

Less items you need to throw away

One of the earliest trash items one encounters in the game is the lapis crystal. While grinding for lapis zombies you get lots of these and even to a super early game player they are useless and need to be destroyed in some way, because they couldn't be sold to NPCs (Revenant flesh is another example, but at least you can sell that to the bazaar). Now you can and I'm glad about it. Things you can now sell to NPCs include:

  • All reforge stones

  • Slayer tokens (revenant flesh, tarantula web, wolf teeth, null spheres)

  • Runes

  • Wishing Compass

  • Ascension Rope

  • Charcoal

  • Superboom TNT